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HBA Priorities 2022

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HBA's power is in your thoughts, voices & actions


David Reid, Radiant Homes

HBA of F-M President

Last week at the New Year Celebration, I touched on the HBA of F-M’s priorities for 2022. There is no doubt that we need your engagement and support as members and community leaders now more than ever. Below are some high-level priorities that are being addressed. Please reach out to me or the office if you have any questions and would like to get more involved. Our power is in our members’ thoughts, voices and actions.

Income Streams

As an Association, we face administrative challenges in generating income streams to offset declines in trade show attendance and what we hope is a short-term lull in Parade of Homes inventory by our Builder members. This revenue is what helps us serve our industry through advocacy, public affairs, education and so much more.


One of these opportunities is our Very Invested Partner program (VIP). This annual sponsorship program is a way to support your local association while outlining exclusive benefits you’d like to receive throughout the year. Contact Spencer Carlson for more details.

A second is to revitalize the 2022 and 2023 Home & Garden Show and explore alternative events to help market this great industry.

A third  is to explore options for change regarding the Fargo-Moorhead Home Builders Health Plan & Trust for product pricing and expanding to other territories.

Public Affairs & Advocacy


Your Association staff regularly engages with Kayla Pulvermacher, the new North Dakota Association of Builders executive officer and is actively supporting the effort to build a state team of executives at each local association.

Regarding the workforce crisis we are:

  • Continuing to support local career workforce academies/centers and determining the role HBA will play in curriculum development.
  • Collaborating with NDAB to:
    • Address age-minimum laws through waivers for students working on jobsites.
    • Attract workers to the state and encouraging the construction of workforce housing.


Relating to public affairs and advocacy, we will take active roles in:

  • Critical bills being considered during the Minnesota legislative session as needed.
  • 2022 elections including local commissions, councils and state offices. I want to emphasize this one. We have a critical year in local and state elections. Our leaders and staff are planning an active process for you to engage in the individuals we support, so please watch for future communications and be part of the process.
  • Public awareness of local regulatory and legislative issues including:
    • Housing incentives.
    • Horace 2045: Land Development Code.
    • Working with and monitoring the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry on border states code uniformity.
    • Fargo’s Core Neighborhood Plan and Land Development Code.

Engagement & Growth

When it comes to membership, we want to recruit 80 new members and get back to a 91% retention rate, while focusing on engaging our first, second and third-year members.

Each fall, the HBA board approves priorities for the upcoming year. If you want to see the full report, please contact the HBA office at (701) 232-5846 or Remember to reach out if you'd like to learn how to get more involved. You are our strength.