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Coronavirus Preparedness And Response

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Priority updates will be posted below as they occur.

The COVID-19 situation imposes unprecedented uncertainties. HBA of F-M wants you to have the most current industry-specific information and suggestions for safety in your business operations and keeping you confident in your business decisions during these fluid times. We strive for continued communications with city leaders and collaboration amongst our community organizations, something that will be necessary and vital as we face these challenges.

Our industry is hands-on and focused on getting the job done, but changes should be made to be precautionary as we face the uncertainty of this virus.  

  • If you have traveled anywhere outside of the metro area, especially by air, be mindful that you may have unknowingly returned with the virus.
  • Take it seriously.
  • Adjust operations on your project sites to mitigate the risk of the virus infecting others by implementing jobsite hygiene practices.
  • Review health guidelines.
  • Think about your operations for the next few months and how you can utilize conference calls, video communications, etc., to interact as we all adapt to the new working environments.
  • Communicate with your customers and trade partners so they are aware of the challenges you face.
  • Follow city inspections departments' procedures and keep communication channels open.

Priority Updates

Added 8:05 a.m. April 6, 2020:

Horace Updates Inspections Protocol

Effective April 8, the city of Horace will implement these requirements into conducting building inspections:

  • A minimum 48-hours notice. All inspection requests must be emailed to and
  • Each request must list:
    • the job site address,
    • date of when the inspection is to be completed by,
    • type of inspection and
    • any special conditions that may be present or need special attention.
  • The certificate of occupancy will not be given the same day a final inspection is completed.
  • All work sites must be vacated by all persons on-site a minimum of one hour before the inspection is scheduled to occur. 
  • Someone from the inspections department will call the identified contact for the inspection before the inspection is completed. If the city determines that the answers were not sufficiently answered, there are workers on-site and/or if the inspector deems the site unsafe, the inspection will not be completed.