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~disable HBA Holiday Drive Partners With F5

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HBA Supports Refresh For Former Inmates Through Support, Community

by Chelsea Diederich, Communications Coordinator

Photos Courtesy of: Fargo INC!

Not many can understand the struggle of acclimating back into society after serving time. How will you find a job, a place to live, a supportive group to keep you on track? Adam Martin, a former inmate, founded F5 Project in 2016 to help provide support and services in hopes of discouraging repeat offenders. After being released from serving time in prison, Martin realized the lack of services available to help former inmates work towards leading a positive life to help break the cycle. F5 was started to fill that need.

With F5’s unique “in your shoes approach,” the transition from confinement to regular life begins with discussion and relationship building with other F5 members. To help members set goals and re-acclimate, the organization uses five pillars: communication, housing, employment, healthy socialization and transportation.

HBA of F-M member Shannon Roers Jones, Roers Construction Company LLC, says, “I am proud to be a supporter and a member of the board of directors for the F5 Project because they are filling a critical need in our community. F5 Project provides the support and community that a person leaving incarceration needs so they don’t fall back on old habits. Additionally, F5 Project connects people with the resources they need, whether that is housing, employment, transportation or access to counseling for substance abuse and mental health issues. They help rebuild those connections that are lost when a person spends time in jail.”

The HBA is partnering with F5 for its annual holiday drive. HBA Chief Executive Officer Bryce Johnson says, “With the growing need for workforce, the HBA is excited to partner with an organization helping individuals towards a successful future. Their approach of working with community organizations to help provide housing and employment opportunities is inspiring and necessary.”

HBA of F-M is collecting laundry baskets filled with what the residents need to welcome them in and when they move out. Offices and groups are encouraged to collaborate to compile complete baskets filled with new items ready for F5 residents. Members are invited to donate individual items as well.

Johnson says, “Have fun with this, and remember to think of unique items that would make someone smile!” 

F5 Project believes what happens in one’s past does not need to determine one’s future. With ongoing communication, safe and affordable housing, employment, healthy socialization and transportation, F5 helps transition citizens from confinement to a new life.

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